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Cannabis Lab Testing B2B $11.00 - $80.00

MyFlora DNA

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MyFlora DNA is Here to Innovate

MyFlora DNA is a Smart Genome Discovery startup based in Davis, California that enables our clients to predict the inherited traits of their crops.

We focus on developing genomic analytical tools for more sustainable and productive agriculture. We are innovating precision tools for by taking advantage of DNA Sequencing technologies and intelligent computing to provide value to farmers. We have developed the first machine learning system integrating DNA information and AgData.

It was only 15 years ago that the New Next Generation Sequencing platforms were pioneered for human genome studies and it was only 10 years ago that it began to be applied as a market solution for a range of different problems.

“It is time to fill in the gap between DNA Sciences and Agriculture. MyFloraDNA is willing to show the huge opportunities that exist for modern genetics in agriculture. Now, it is time for another “agriculture revolution”

  • Current services: MyFloraDNA currently is currently offering sex determination; DNA fingerprinting and THC content.

  • Whole genome sequencing: We are building capabilities to offer whole genome sequencing to help partners like you to establish proprietary genotype databases to help build your IP and also you could offer to your clients.

  • Privacy: Assure you that we will be building proprietary databases that will be completely owned by you. We could work on details like which cloud services we could be using, with you as the owner and access to us as needed to provide validation to your clients.

  • Validation services: As and when your clients need to validate the plants you are providing them, we can validate using predetermined specific markers that belong to you. We can support your company in certifying  authenticity in breeding and licensing some of his designer genetics. Since we will be a 3rd party independent laboratory certifying, we believe it will be more valuable. We will be also able to provide certifications after your genetic restoration/banking processes.  We could genetically determine the differences between sister plants that you might be propagating.

  • Epigenetic analysis: Internal and external environmental factors, like gender and temperature, influence gene expression. Similarly, chemicals, temperature, and light are among the external environmental factors that can determine which genes are turned on and off, thereby influencing the way a plant develops and functions.

We are in the initial phases of product development based on customer needs. It will be helpful for you to catalog some of your needs and present them to us, so we can analyze and offer potential solutions.

We are super confident of our rigorous scientific capabilities and enhancing our capabilities continuously by setting a scientific advisory board with folks experienced in plant genetics. The idea is to give confidence to partners like you when you deliver a product to your clients.

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    Sex & gender identification is one of the most critical steps to ensure high yields in your plants without worrying about seed formation. MyFloraDNA’s DNA test can discriminate between the male and female cannabis plants in just a few hours. You will not need to wait months before any visual sex feature appears. With our early DNA test, you will save in labor, energy, and other outputs.

    $ 11.00

    Our Cannabinoid testing service is a fast and accurate DNA approach that enables you to determine which of your plants contain the genes associated with a high or low THC or CBD level. MyFloraDNA can easily detect this for you allowing you to make the right decision at an early stage of your plants. * MyFloraDNA cannabinoid test is a prediction of cannabinoid type produced. We do not measure the final levels of THC or CBD in the flower bud.

    $ 11.00

    Learn the plant variety & species of what you are growing. Using our Fingerprinting proprietary DNA markers, you will know what you are growing and help you succeed in your breeding strategies and plant cultivation.

    $ 80.00


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