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Are You Optimized? Dispensary Compliance Powered by Technology

Are You Optimized? Dispensary Compliance Powered by Technology

Dispensary compliance is the name of the game in cannabis – and it can really slow things down if you are not 100 percent dialed in. So, why not learn how to optimize and speed things up? Your customers and team will love you for it. In this episode of the Cannabis Community Insider, discover key nuances and optimization strategies in dispensary compliance on the tech side as it relates to labels, scanners, printers, and point of sale systems.

Learn valuable insights from an all-star panel of technology experts, including:

– Stephen Gladden, ELO

– Brianna Moriarty, Star Micronics

– Duane Roebuck, BlueStar Inc.

The panel covers helpful topics such as:

1. Legal requirements of labels, printers, scanners and POS technology in cannabis

2. How reliable Cannabis POS systems & scanners allow for more efficient experiences and happy customers

3. How tourism can slow down transactions

4. How to avoid long lines and unhappy patrons who leave and go elsewhere

5. Stories of faulty tech and how to evaluate POS systems, scanners, and printers to ensure reliability for patrons and compliance in the industry

6. How tech can be used for compliance to scan IDs for age & patient verification And much more.

This episode benefits current industry operators, compliance officers, dispensary license applicants, investors, and anybody who wants to learn more about this critical component of the cannabis supply chain. Episode sponsored by – ELO, Star Micronics, & POSRG

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