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Cannabis Basics Textbook: A Fun Evidence-Based Journey Into Cannabinoid Science Fundamentals

Cannabis Basics Textbook: A Fun Evidence-Based Journey Into Cannabinoid Science Fundamentals

The world of cannabis, while exciting, can be incredibly daunting from the outside looking in. Indeed, the cannabis plant has served as a catalyst to massive amounts of information coming out pertaining to medicinal use, political infrastructure, and even the human brain. Much of this information has taken the form of overtly niche articles or jargon-dense research journals – where is one to start if they wish to understand cannabis holistically?

This is largely the utility behind Kirsten Velasco’s Cannabis Basics Textbook: The Essential Manual for Beginners and Enthusiasts. Using this textbook, individuals are provided with an easy-to-read overview of cannabis. Finally, the public has a comprehensive source to refer to when inquiring about the basics of cannabis history, dosing, medical benefits, extensive product inventory, and more!

Cannabis Science in a Relatable and Advantageous Manner

A handful of individuals may be interested in sifting through all the academic research on cannabis that was published over the last two decades. The rest of us, however, benefit from a book that prioritizes the most important and relevant information in a quick and useful manner. It’s all about the cannabis basics.

This textbook does a great job demystifying cannabis science for the average enthusiast. For example, the book features an in-depth explanation of the endocannabinoid system – our body’s naturally occurring system of cannabis receptors, cannabinoids, and enzymes. This system is the mechanism in which cannabis takes effect. 

It is quite fascinating that we are innately designed, so to speak, to consume cannabis and reap the plant’s benefits on a neurological level. As the book explains, the miracle of cannabis includes much more than THC and CBD. In fact, many lesser-known cannabinoids contribute to cannabis’s medicinal profile in unique yet complementary ways.

This system alone can be riddled with overwhelming biological terminology. Thankfully, the Cannabis Basics Textbook invites the reader to learn about their own body in a digestible and relatable way. Readers can immediately apply this knowledge to their own experiences with cannabis.

Moreover, the book also allows the reader to tailor their own understanding of cannabis based on their interests, medical conditions, or overall goals. For example, while all humans possess an endocannabinoid system, the way we utilize this system to treat pain vs. anxiety may catch the eyes of different readers. Considering this book’s extensive overview of such topics, there is no limit to the customization of cannabis related content readers may enjoy. 

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Practical Dosing and Consumption – The Cornerstones of Cannabis Knowledge

Many states are catching on to the benefits cannabis provides in treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and seizures. Cannabis is even used as an adjunct to traditional cancer therapy, easing unpleasant symptoms such as nausea. That being said, there’s a multitude of ways to consume cannabis (e.g., route of administration, choice of cannabis strain), and they each come with their own dosing differences.

The author’s intentions in writing this book are quite clear: she wants to provide a tool for readers to understand and utilize cannabis as a health strategy. In order to reap the benefits of cannabis, one must first understand their dosing options, the difference between those options, and what happens at said dosages.

It is paramount that this textbook features a complete guide of cannabis dosing and consumption. Enthusiasts can use this information to discover safe and effective ways to consume cannabis. For example, those interested in treating pain may be interested in a different set of consumption methods than someone interested in enjoying the psychoactive elements of cannabis. Even then, your goals in utilizing cannabis may differ in severity – what dosage is best tailored to my individualized goal?

The beauty of cannabis, demonstrated in this book, is that it lends itself to becoming a customizable experience. Different smokes for different folks!

The Historical and Modern State of Cannabis

Equally important to cannabis science and medicinal usage is understanding it’s place in society. The cannabis plant has played many roles throughout human history, and in much of the developed world, it has been prohibited and misunderstood. Thankfully, laws are changing regarding cannabis usage, as is public opinion, understanding, and assimilation.

Today, cannabis is sold and enjoyed in a variety of forms (e.g., plant, extracts, concentrates, vaping oils, edibles, etc.). But there is much to be learned about how we got this far and how to navigate through cannabis’s current state in western society.

The Cannabis Basics Textbook covers the past and present of cannabis so that readers can learn the damage caused by prohibition, the different ways cannabis has been understood, and how to understand it today. In a sense, the book’s usefulness in displaying cannabis as an individualized tool is paralleled by the broader picture of how the drug can positively impact communities at large.

A Special Perspective on Cannabis

Whatever your interest in cannabis might be, this textbook will allow you to unlock the plant’s fullest potential. The author’s background in creating education programs speaks to her ability to present digestible and vigorously accurate information. As the drug becomes less stigmatized, books like this allow us to move forward with a deep appreciation and understanding of cannabis. For more information on the uses of medical cannabis, visit our blog for more educational resources!

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