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Diving into The World of RFID & Cannabis

Diving into The World of RFID & Cannabis

Tracking, tagging, transponders and electromagnetic fields, oh my! Do you know how cannabis products are traced and tracked across the entire supply chain? In this episode of the Cannabis Community Insider, we take a deep dive into the overlooked world of Radio Frequency Identification technology, otherwise known as RFID, to learn about how this technology is commonly used in dispensaries, cultivation and processing centers around the world.

We put together a special panel of technology experts, including: – Eric Malmed of Zebra Technologies – Scott Denholm of Brytemap Inc. – Duane Roebuck of BlueStar Inc. to come and discuss everything there is to know about RFID, from how it:

– Allows consumers to purchase with transparency -Tracks cannabis products from seed (or clone) to sale

– Enables security measures for authorized access

– Would allow for consumers to receive more information on-demand

– Labels products, sku numbers, and other pertinent info

– Maintains compliance with local, state and federal regulations

– Tracks personnel, vehicles & other assets

– Enables customer specific marketing through targeted coupons

– Provides contactless and secure payment methods

– & more!

Host, Abraham Villegas, CCO, The Cannabis Community

Moderator, Shawnee Williams, CEO, Illinois Equity Staffing

Moderator, Mark Peysakhovich, President, MBM Advantage

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