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Inside Stories on Illinois Cannabis Social Equity

Inside Stories on Illinois Cannabis Social Equity

Cannabis Community Insider Ep. #17 The Social Equity Six in the Mix

When the State of Illinois announced its list of potential winners for the upcoming social equity dispensary licenses, the community and media were quick to determine that the program had fallen short of its intentions to create truly equitable opportunities for those disadvantaged by the war on drugs.

However, up until this point, we had not heard from those who were considered true social equity applicants, who did in fact end up being able to participate in the lottery.

They’ve held off on speaking up for months out of respect for the community’s grievances regarding the entire licensing process, but in an exclusive episode of the Cannabis Community Insider, we get to meet some of these potential winners and hear their exclusive stories first hand.

Thank you for sharing your stories …

Kiana Hughes, So Baked LLC

Ro Davis, Green Equity Ventures 1 Team

Sean Mason, Suite Greens Team

Donte Townsend, Make Peace Team

Edie and Craig Moore, Terra House Team

Hosts: Abraham Villegas and Mark Peysakhovich

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