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4 Fathers Organics – Experience the Freedom

117 Franklin St. STE 200 Dansville, NY 14437

Land of the Free
Home of the Hemp

4 Fathers Organics

You know…the cannabis plant wasn’t always so misunderstood. In fact, history says our own founding fathers grew hemp and consumed it too. After years of unjust regulations and restrictions, we couldn’t be more proud to get back to our all-natural roots. Join our journey and begin healing more organically – shop our distinguished collection of hemp & CBD goods, here. 

We offer a 25% discount to veterans by using the coupon code 4VETS25

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Knowledge is power.

That’s why 4 Fathers Organics is dedicated to consumers’ continuing education with the latest hemp and cannabis research, tips,
and industry news.

About 4 Fathers Organics

Once upon a time…Four founding fathers in Dansville, NY began sowing the seeds of a dream to build roots as local hemp and cannabis pioneers. Inspired by the forefathers of American Hemp including Thomas Jefferson & Benjamin Franklin and their hometown legends in alternative health & wellness, James C. Jackson and Clara Barton, the idea of an American brand of craft cannabis organically blossomed. Fueled by the passion for all-natural and organic wellness, and newly found freedom to cultivate the infamous plant in America – 4 Fathers Organics was born.


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