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BaM Body and Mind Muskegon

BaM Body and Mind Muskegon Dispensary

Body and Mind Muskegon is a premier cannabis dispensary located in Western Michigan. Situated east of Muskegon Lake and west of US 31 at 885 East Apple Avenue, the dispensary offers the best selection of cannabis products in the area. The experienced budtenders at Body and Mind are always ready to greet customers with a smile and answer any questions they may have about cannabis.

The dispensary features a wide range of cannabis products from the best brands in Muskegon, including Loud Flower, Binske, Wonderbrett, Jeeter, Common Citizen, Select, and Stiiizy. Customers can choose from cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, and wellness products.

Body and Mind in Muskegon also offers elite customer service that sets it apart from other dispensaries. The dispensary provides private consultations, customer rewards programs, easy online ordering, and express pickup. Additionally, the dispensary is pet-friendly, making it a great place to shop for cannabis products with furry friends.

Whether customers are looking for flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, or more, Body and Mind in Muskegon has it all. The dispensary strives to provide an inviting, knowledgeable atmosphere for customers and values every patron who visits. Customers can shop in-store or use the online ordering platform for express pickup. Body and Mind in Muskegon is the perfect place to find The Perfect Balance of Body and Mind.

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Google Reviews

126 reviews
  • Smokey “A.J.”
    Smokey “A.J.”
    3 months ago

    You need to go to this place, nice people great deals, if you spend over $100, they have a claw machine that the employees give you quarters to try to get free items, if you win, you come out with big smile. Go check this place out. You will even get a 15% on your 2nd visit.

  • erik larson
    erik larson
    2 months ago

    Just tried this store for the first time and was very impressed. Super friendly staff, great product. Love that you can “build your own” gives you a nice variety. The claw game is a fun bonus too. Definitely will be back.

  • JuicyN Jolly
    JuicyN Jolly
    2 months ago

    I gave one star because I can’t post with ZERO stars. I just experienced what has to be the worst customer service ever!!! While being served by one bud tender (the only person who handled himself accordingly), the other one felt the need to inject himself in the conversation which escalated. Fast and loud. The few times I’ve patronized this establishment, this particular employee has always been rude, standoffish and arrogant. Not only that, the receptionist (who claimed to be the owner) decided to stand there and allow his employee to speak to me in any fashion other than professional then asked me to leave without addressing his employee. ATAB?!!!!! I wonder if this is why there’s hardly EVER any customers there. I guess the good part about there NEVER being a lot of customers there is I never have to wait. It does however make me wonder how old the products are. Idk who needs to hear this but, weed will mold if it’s sitting too long. It’s a disgrace to say the least. It’s obvious that this company doesn’t care about their customers seeing how all of this happened in front of another customer, provoking that customer to leave without buying anything. Could you believe that it all started because of how I felt about the quality of their products? Am I as a customer wrong for having an opinion? What ever happened to valuing your customers? The employee even had the nerve to walk out the store behind me to continue being confrontational with me. Things like that will be the demise of this company. It’s not a good look and people like him (wish I knew his name) shouldn’t be representing the company.

  • Rachael Garcia
    Rachael Garcia
    a month ago

    Great atmosphere! So easy to talk to the staff. My second time there and hopefully not my last. Wish I lived closer :(

  • Hayley Gleason
    Hayley Gleason
    3 months ago

    Hour of operation 9am-9pm. 9:10 am and the front door is locked. As another customer comes to the door I told her it’s locked. So she knocks on the door and a customer opened it and let us in. As we are waiting to be checked in, another 5 minutes go by without seeing an employee. I rang the bell, (at this point it’s 9:22) and from the sales floor and both the enter and exit doors closed we heard the employee yell “HOLD ON A SECONDDDD!!” Excuse me??? There’s a dispensary on EVERY BLOCK in this town. I can hand my money to any other of them instead of being disrespected and yelled at while waiting to be taken care of. I’m not handing my money to anyone that wants to scream at a customer to hold on. I waited for over 10 minutes. We could have at least gotten a “I’ll be right with you” My favorite dispensary quickly turned into the one I will not ever give my business to again. If your hours of operation are 9-9 and it’s 9:15 and customers can’t get in and get yelled at, I don’t see this dispensary staying open and being successful much longer. I work in the service industry and I understand stressful times, but what I don’t understand is an employee screaming on the sales floor. Unprofessional and inexcusable.

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