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Grasshopper Club South Loop Chicago Dispensary

58 E Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60605
Grasshopper Club South Loop is located at 58 E. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60605

Experience Excellence at Grasshopper Club South Loop Chicago Dispensary

Grasshopper Club South loop adult use marijuana dispensary product wall is brightly lit and inviting.

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About Grasshopper Club South Loop Chicago Dispensary

At Grasshopper Club, we believe in redefining how you experience cannabis in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop. We’re not just your ordinary cannabis destination; we’re your partners in exploring the incredible world of cannabis.

With a legacy of excellence spanning two decades and a commitment to top-tier service, we are proud to introduce our South Loop location, where your cannabis journey takes center stage.

Nestled in the vibrant South Loop neighborhood, Grasshopper Club South Loop Dispensary is a welcoming haven for cannabis enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

More than just another Chicago dispensary, Grasshopper Club South Loop is a lifestyle destination, a place where every visit becomes an opportunity to discover the finest cannabis products in the state, including pre-rolls, flowers, edibles, vape pens, topicals, and accessories.

Whether you’re just beginning your cannabis journey or consider yourself a seasoned explorer, Grasshopper Club South Loop is here to ensure your experience is nothing short of exceptional. 

Discover The South Loop Experience

Grasshopper Club Chicago consierge team member helps a customer with their purchase.

Located at 58 E. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60605, our South Loop dispensary is easily accessible using the paid garage parking at 1101 S. State or 1212 S. Michigan.

The dispensary operates from Monday to Friday, 10 AM – 9 PM, Saturday, 9 AM – 9 PM, and Sunday, 9 AM – 7 PM. The atmosphere is inviting, allowing you to browse at your own pace.

Looking for an alternate location? Visit Grasshopper Club Logan Square at  2551 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60646

Why Choose Grasshopper Club South Loop?

What makes Grasshopper Club South Loop stand out among the rest? It’s our unwavering commitment to our community.

Whether you’re on a quest for a particular strain or simply curious about the diverse world of cannabis sensations, our team of cannabis concierges is here to be your trusted guide.

We understand that each person’s journey with cannabis is distinct and personal.

That’s why we’re dedicated to tailoring your experience to match your unique preferences and needs.

At Grasshopper Club South Loop, it’s not just about cannabis; it’s about you.

How to Get in Touch

If you have any inquiries, you can contact the Grasshopper Club Chicago team at (312) 929-2318 or via email at [email protected].

We also have an online contact form for various inquiries, including product information and customer service.

With its curated products and exceptional service, it’s no wonder why it’s a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts in Chicago.

Grasshopper Club Chicago cannabis stores started with a family from the South Side of Chicago.
Chuck, Matthew, and mother Diane Brewer joined forces to bring diversity and a cultural experience to Chicago dispensaries.

Grasshopper Club in the Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Did The Name Come From?

The name Grasshopper Club, represents the learning, exploration, and connection to grass. In addition, Grasshopper Club is a play on words with “GrasShopper” or Grass Shopper, emphasizing the connection to cannabis we all have.

How Does Grasshopper Club Qualify For Social Equity?

Having direct experience with the war on Drugs, co-owner Chuck Brewer was arrested for cannabis possession as a young adult.

When his brother, Matthew Brewer was exposed to the Illinois cannabis industry in 2015, they both immediately realized the lack of diversity and racial disparities in the industry.

This motivated both brothers and their mother, Dianne Brewer, to join forces as a family and apply for a license. From there, the Grasshopper Club was born.

Are There More Grasshopper Clubs in Illinois?

Visit the original Grasshopper Club Chicago dispensary located in Logan Square.

We recently opened our second cannabis dispensary in the South Loop of Chicago and have a 3rd location coming soon!

Does Grasshopper Chicago Help Those with Criminal Records?

We’re all about community and believe in second chances. Because of that, we’re open to hiring individuals impacted by the war on drugs. Our goal is to create a diverse ecosystem that brings the best and brightest talent, where we can work to elevate other brands and people. We are actively working on an initiative to help those who are still incarcerated for marijuana-related offenses.

How Grasshopper Club Chicago is Bringing Equality into Cannabis



Google Reviews

70 reviews
  • Colin Jameson
    Colin Jameson
    4 months ago

    Edit 11/22/23 I understand that you can't stack/combine discounts. That's not the issue here. Grasshopper Club recently sent out marketing coupons to the residents of the neighborhood, but when I tried to use one, I was told that I couldn't. I was told that there was already a discount going on storewide, for 20% off, and that my coupon could not be honored, I was not given a reason as to why. The coupon was for "50% off one item," a much greater discount, which is the only reason I came to shop today, as I needed the extra 30% off. No management came over to address the situation, and the two people behind the counter offered no explanation other than repeating that they couldn't accept the coupon because of the storewide discount, so I left without making a purchase.

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith
    7 months ago

    Perfect location for those looking for a dispensary downtown or near the lake. It’s minutes from the Roosevelt L station and also not far from the museum campus metra stop too. They are also vegan friendly! I was so happy to find vegan gummies here. Jason the GM was really nice and helpful, and all the budtenders make great suggestions. The history of the owners/family is really inspiring, I’m glad they opened a second location and in such a perfect spot.

  • Edward Ledezma
    Edward Ledezma
    5 months ago

    The customer service here man was top notch!! Nae who was manning the kiosk and Jordan were awesome. Nae gave me plenty of space while also checking up and letting me know all the offerings. I am visiting from out of town and Jordan was a great welcome who even dropped some recommendations on food. Only thing that kept it 5 stars was they said they had no disposables with battery only disposables without battery?? And then there was some people working on their devices hanging out at the counters but they weren’t checking anyone out so they sent me down the line. Should probably move numbers crunching or self work to a office or somewhere instead of having a hangout section of employees. Really loved this selection and service! Will be back but got to find a disposable somewhere else first :(

  • Itsme B
    Itsme B
    3 weeks ago

    Super helpful staff, good products. They were able to answer my questions about which flower, the difference in vapes, cash only but wasn't an issue with it at all. Would definitely recommend and return again

  • Lilly Kearby
    Lilly Kearby
    3 months ago

    Everyone was very helpful and kind! Great experience and good selections! 12/10

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