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Sunnyside Framingham Cannabis Dispensary in Massachusetts

About Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary in Framingham

Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary – Framingham (formerly Cultivate) is waiting to be discovered off Worcester Road East. Inside, you’ll find a tranquil, modern interior adorned in delightful wood accents and displays. You can also take a closer look at featured products, including the best selection of recreational and medical marijuana in the state.

Sunnyside Framingham Store Details:

  • Medical and recreational dispensary – Get Directions
  • Plenty of on-site parking
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Broad selection of products
  • Walk-ins welcome
  • Expansive interior space with room to roam
  • Friendly and knowledgeable Wellness Advisors available onsite to answer your questions*
  • ADA-Accessible
  • We have additional locations in Fall River, Leicester, and Worcester

Payments Accepted at Sunnyside:

  • We accept cash or debit and have an ATM located on-site
  • All debit transactions are processed as ATM transactions with an accompanying processing fee. Your bank may also charge an additional processing fee, typically between 2 and 3 dollars.

Discounts at Sunnyside Framingham:

  • First-time medical patients receive 20% off first visit, 30% off second visit and 50% off third visit, (redeemable in-store).
  • 20% Veterans discount
  • 20% hardship discount

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Google Reviews

457 reviews
  • Jennica C
    Jennica C
    a week ago

    If I could give it, zero stars I would and I honestly hate leaving bad reviews. As a medical patient, I am disgusted at how manager Drew treated me with such aggressiveness and hostility. He was aggressive since the moment I walked up to the counter, and seem to be in a bad mood. I just renewed as a the medical patient and I had questions about discounts, and he gave me the wrong information, I questioned it and he literally started yelling at me. I said he didn’t have to get aggressive and asked for the manager. He stated he was the manager and I said we respectfully you’re being very aggressive as a manager he did not care he did not offer to help he did not apologize. He literally shrugged his shoulders and I stated I would take my money and go elsewhere, and he said OK bye. If this is how Sunnyside treats its medical patients why are they in business? I was discriminated against as an African American woman. I’m leaving this review to hope that something will change or this never happens to anyone else. When you work in customer service it’s all about the people and how you can affect their, DREW had the worst customer service I have experienced. He should be ashamed at how he treated me and even more ashamed to be a manager and not care about patients

  • Amanda Judd
    Amanda Judd
    a month ago

    The staff is the besttt at any location you go to. However, the staff at Framingham go above and beyond to accommodate your needs! Liam helped fulfill my order and set up my account quick and easy! He deserves a raise for his hard work!

  • kassy alvarado
    kassy alvarado
    a month ago

    SCAM ARTISTS. If I could give ZERO STARS I WOULD. Absolutely TERRIBLE. My fiancé who is a medical patient suffering from stage 4 cancer was treated so beyond terribly today it's embarrassing for sunnyside as a company. He requested 1g concentrates and was given a box with .5g mixed in. When he accidentally grabbed the .5g and realized after paying they wouldn't allow him to exchange. He didn't even leave the store. The MANAGER even asked him to leave because he was on his phone trying to speak to me. All the workers there are TERRIBLE and should be ASHAMED of themselves. Scamming a cancer patient and smirking at his frustration. DO NOT GO HERE.

  • Lisa Marcum
    Lisa Marcum
    6 months ago

    Very nice store with great selection of cannabis and accessories. Clean, modern, all kinds of brands and methods available. Last time I went I didn't think the girl helping us did a very good job. This time we had a middle aged man who was extremely helpful and it was a much better experience. Wish I could remember his name but that's probably my biggest fault is names. But a great business overall and a good experience. Good prices and discounts for multiple purchases. 25%! Definitely recommend this shop.

  • Dawn Analetto-Shaw
    Dawn Analetto-Shaw
    6 months ago

    Rang the bell @8:58 but it took 5 minutes for someone to get to the door and tell me they were closed. I just drove 30 minutes for absolutely nothing. The dude that opened the door looked lit AF and sounded like he hadn't slept in days. Their customer service skills need improvement, BIG time!

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