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Welcome to Sunnyside South Beloit, IL

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

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About Sunnyside South Beloit

Welcome to Sunnyside’s South Beloit, Illinois location.

The Sunnyside, South Beloit location is an adult-use 21+ recreational marijuana dispensary. We also have Illinois locations in River North, Wrigleyville, Rockford, Schaumburg, Buffalo Grove, Elmwood Park, Naperville, Champaign and Danville!

Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary, South Beloit, IL, is conveniently located just minutes from the Illinois 39/90 Interstate. Browse our live menu and explore a broad selection of products to fit your wellness routine. Simply order online and pick it up in-store.

Shop Sunnyside – South Beloit Recreational Cannabis

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Allow the Sunnyside family of cannabis dispensaries to shed light on the often confusing world of cannabis. No matter what effect your after, our wellness advisors are equipped with a wealth of cannabis knowledge.

You’ll also find many accessories, including rolling papers, grinders, pipes, and more.

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Everyone loves a deal! At Sunnyside, we always have special savings and exclusive deals waiting for you! Check them out!

Sunnyside Rewards Program

Rewards! One more way Sunnyside cannabis dispensaries aims to help you stretch your cannabis dollars! For every 1 dollar you spend, you earn 1 point toward future purchases.

Sunnyside Evergreen Deals

Choose one of our many year-round customer appreciation discounts to help you save money!

Types of consumer discounts at Sunnyside
  • 20% Veterans discount. Discount Code: VETERANS20 at checkout
  • 10% in-state/out-of-state medical patient discount at recreational dispensaries. Discount Code: OUTOFSTATE10 at checkout
  • 10% cannabis industry discount (includes doctors, growers, accessory companies). Discount Code: INDUSTRY10
  • 10% SSDI discount. Discount Code: SSDI10 at checkout
  • 10% Senior Citizens discount. Discount Code: SENIOR10 at check out
  • 10% Students/Teachers discount (minimum age 18 medical, 21 adult use). Discount Code: EDUCATION10 at checkout

White building with orange Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary Sign in South Beloit, IL
South Beloit, IL
Very large wide open store front inside Sunnyside dispensary, Soth Beloit, IL
Sunnyside South Beloit products on shelf. Educational CBD and THC display.
Map location 7000 First Ranger Drive South Beloit, IL 61080
7000 First Ranger Drive South Beloit, IL 61080

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequebtly Asked Questions at Sunnyside Dispensary
Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Curious About Indica and Sativa? 

(View the original article HERE.)

Some kinds of cannabis feel uplifting and happy. They give a boost of mental energy. 

A playful cartoon cat sits on top of sleeping cat, Sativa vs Indica

Other strains are more calming and relaxing. 

These two opposing experiences have led people to simplify cannabis into one of two different categories: Indica and Sativa.

How do people describe their effects? 


  • Relaxing
  • “In-da-couch”
  • Sleep aid
  • Recommended for nighttime use


  • Uplifting
  • “Heady”
  • Energizing
  • Recommended for daytime use

*Note: Individual results may vary.


Hybrid cannabis strains offer a balanced experience.  Hybrids are a mix of indica and sativa genetics categorized even further as indica-leaning or sativa-leaning. 

Indica and Sativa. What do they mean?

Continue reading about Indica and Sativa HERE.

To continue learning about cannabis, visit the Sunnyside learning library of articles!

Sunnyside South Beloit Store Details

  • Recreational dispensary – Get Directions
  • Plenty of on-site parking – for more info, click here
  • Open 7 days a week
  • The waiting area is adjacent to the facility to protect you from the elements.
  • Expansive interior space with room to roam
  • Friendly and knowledgeable Wellness Advisors are available onsite to answer your questions*
  • ADA-Accessible

Payments Accepted – Sunnyside- South Belloit

  • We accept cash or debit cards. There is an ATM located on-site.
  • All debit transactions are processed as ATM transactions. Please be aware of an accompanying processing fee. Your bank may also charge an additional processing fee.

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Medical marijuana doctors are here to help you get your medical cannabis card instantly. Book now!

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Google Reviews

2,506 reviews
  • Lok just Lok.
    Lok just Lok.
    4 months ago

    I used to really like this place, but there has been a recent shift in staff attitude. The last couple Wellness Advisors I have worked with have all been very condescending. First Ashley, and now Benny. Benny gave me $7 change back in quarter after sh!t talking my order. I can only assume he was having a bad day. I now only shop here because the next closest dispensary is ~25 away. Wouldn't advise their recommendations or whatever "new" products they are pushing. EDIT: Just went back because I was around. While they can't accept any returns they do sell and display USED products. Careful what you pick from displays. Changed to 1 star 🤮

  • Christopher Sbonik
    Christopher Sbonik
    2 weeks ago

    This place has always met and/or exceeded my expectations. I have had very good experiences with short waits & easy parking. I did have a one-time long wait but it was a holiday weekend so somewhat expected. The staff have always been friendly, respectful, and helpful without being rude or condescending. The products have been consistently good. I “highly”recommend this store.

  • Gregory McFarland
    Gregory McFarland
    a month ago

    Dylan waited on us and he was amazing!! He knew so much about the product that I was getting. Advised me the best way to store it and even recommended things for future purchases. As a Veteran, he immediately Thanked me for my service, then I Thanked him for his service to your clients! He enjoys his work and he is very good at it!! Thank You Dylan, and I will see you next time!!! Awesome experience!

  • Jay
    2 weeks ago

    I love this place! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly, they treat you with a sense of urgency. My favorite wellness advisor is Adam. Every time I see him working I hope he’s the one to cash me out! In my opinion, this guy goes above and beyond and he represents Sunny Side with pride! He’s told me in the past about what a great job it is and that it’s 100% worth his long commute. I love interacting with people like that; people who genuinely love their job. Thanks again, Adam for another awesome experience, you make the place even sunnier when you’re there. ☀️

  • Ben Bonney
    Ben Bonney
    a month ago

    Dylan went above and beyond any customer care I've had before here I've been there quite a few times to your place since you opened. He was truly interested in how I felt about product and wanted to direct me to other products you sold that I could try based on what I enjoyed already. It was a really nice experience Thanks Dylan

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