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Looking Beyond Organic Cannabis: The Rebel Spirit Way

Looking Beyond Organic Cannabis: The Rebel Spirit Way

The Cannabis Community Insider - Looking Beyond Organic Cannabis: The Rebel Spirit Way

What is organic cannabis and why should you be concerned? What exactly is sustainable farming? 

Welcome to this new episode of The Cannabis Community Insider. Our host, Penelope Hamilton looks beyond organic cannabis cultivation with special guest Diane Downey. Diane is the CEO of Rebel Spirit Cannabis, one of Oregon’s most highly respected cannabis brands. In 2015, Diane teamed up with partner Chris Bechler to create Rebel Spirit, but with a very special vision. During the 1990s, Uncle Mark, who was a family friend, was wrongfully imprisoned for growing cannabis. Sadly Mark died in prison, but his rebel spirit lives on in the ethics of the farm, its family of employees, their integrity, and even in the close detail of the company branding and packaging. 

Highlights from this episode: 

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