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2nd Chance Initiative for Justice System Impacted Americans

2nd Chance Initiative for Justice System Impacted Americans

The Cannabis Community Insider - The 2nd Chance Initiative with Illinois Equity Staffing

Join our host Penelope Hamilton as she brings you the inside conversation on how two women are creating a path in the cannabis industry for all minorities with their 2nd Chance Initiative for Justice System Impacted Americans initiative.

Social Equity in the cannabis industry will continue to remain a dream if not for passionate people like today’s guests. Shawnee Williams is the co-founder at Illinois Equity Staffing, a Minority Black and women owned firm based in Chicago, that supports the cannabis industry in education, job placement, human resources, payroll, and social equity & diversity compliance. Shawnee has teamed up with Danielle Schumacher, CEO of THC Staffing Group – a DEI recruiting and consulting firm – founded in 2014. Together these organizations are creating equity through their extensive guidance and training and a new project called The 2nd Chance Initiative for Justice System Impacted Americans. Listen in to hear how they are knocking down roadblocks and creating a map that other states can use to navigate through legalization with.

The 2nd Chance Initiative is also partnered with Curaleaf and is being implemented in IL, NY, MA, NV, AR, OR, CA, OH, MI, and NJ. Reach out to either woman in private messages, email, or go to  for more information. Please share to help spread the word! 


Danielle Schumacher
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