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3 Sex Rituals to Try with CBD and Cannabis

3 Sex Rituals to Try with CBD and Cannabis

Like so many of us in the sexual wellness field, Shani Hart didn’t set off in life expecting to talk about orgasms and lubrication, pleasure, and anxiety-free sex, day in and day out. Yet, here she is, unabashedly herself and breaking all the rules as a certified sexuality coach and sex educator.

After starting to work at her partner’s erotic boutique and gradually developing more of a role in the business, Shani noticed a massive lack of education and empowerment in Black women’s pleasure. “I felt like I wasn’t welcome to purchase their products in their store,” Hart told me. “No one was helping me. I wanted to start a company that educates Black people on the benefits of CBD: the Noire Leaf.” 

Most people know that CBD has a variety of benefits. It can ease anxiety, soothe pain, treat epilepsy, reduce inflammation, and so much more. While these qualities may not seem to relate to sex, they’re incredibly interconnected. 

“CBD does a lot of things. It’s great for people who have painful sex, endometriosis, fibroid issues, vaginismus, and all kinds of pelvic issues,” Hart says. “It helps relax all those vaginal muscles and especially, your pelvic floor muscles.”

Incorporating CBD and hemp-infused products into your sexual wellness rituals, solo play, or partnered experiences can help end painful sex by relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow. They get you into the right mindset for sex by helping ease anxieties or insecurities. 



Products that can be eaten or smoked are an excellent option for easing anxieties. “I like smoking one of my pre-rolls,” explains Hart, “to get the CBD in my system immediately so that I can relax, forget about the powers of the day, get into the frame of mind to focus on all the stuff that’s about to happen.”

For those who want instant relaxation and get in the mood quickly, a pre-roll is critical. Have a bit more planning in your routine? A CBD gummy is a great option when you have 45-60 minutes of foresight. 

Carnal pre-rolls starting at $9.99


“Sometimes, you have to use more than one product. Maybe I’ll smoke my pre-roll, but then I take a couple of drops of my CBD arousal oil and drop that on my clitoris, so now my head is all in the game, but now my body is getting into the game,” says Hart.

CBD is a vasodilator, which means it increases blood flow and increases sensitivity to the places you apply it. 

Spark CBD Arousal Oils, starting at $22.99

image of the noir leaf cbd infused gummies and arousal oil


“When you have a lot of anxiety, you clench a lot, and it’s not good for your pelvic floor muscles. When you put CBD lubricant on that, it helps relax those muscles and, therefore, have more pleasurable sex,” says Shani.

Not only can suppositories act as a lubricant to ease pain and enhance pleasure during penetration, but they’re also an excellent resource for relieving menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, and local muscle tension. 

Once inserted (either vaginally or anally), the suppository melts, and the hemp properties permeate into the bloodstream, allowing for further relaxation, lubrication, sensation, and, therefore, pleasure. 

Set of 5 CBD+ CBG Suppositories, starting at $26.25

picture of The Noir leaf massage and body oil , cbd lubricant

As Shani explains, “if you’re someone who, every time you have sex, it hurts, like your brain is going to be wired to say I don’t want to do that! Once you get in the habit that it’s like, oh my goodness, I’m looking forward to this because it feels good; it eventually helps rewire your brain to want sex more.”

The reality of the situation is that CBD changes your entire relationship with sex. If you’re focused on your pain points (whether physical, emotional, logistical or otherwise), it’s easy to choose the right product to shift how you experience and interact with sex. All products listed above are available at

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