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Can Cannabis Help Stiff Person Syndrome?

Can Cannabis Help Stiff Person Syndrome?

Could cannabis help stop the debilitating muscle spasms of Stiff Person Syndrome? 

Jennifer Shanley of Rochester, New York, is on a journey to pinpoint the perfect cannabis strains to help her 22-year-old daughter Madeline. in September 2018, Madeline was struck with a sudden and mysterious illness that stole her life away abruptly. Once a college honors student at Nazareth College, Madeline found herself 100% bed-bound and in constant and excruciating muscle spasms.

After years of searching and financial hardships, a two-month stay at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore finally led to the diagnosis of Stiff-Person Syndrome or SPS, a rare one in a million autoimmune and neurological muscular disorder.

 This is a painful story to share, but it’s also a story of Hope for Madeline and her family. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Highlights from the conversation include: 

  •  Why they are looking to cannabis for relief
  •  What SPS is and how it affects Madeline
  •  How the New York medical cannabis program failed Madeline
  •  What home cultivation means for patients like Madeline
  •  How you could possibly help Madeline
Can Cannabis Help Stiff Person Syndrome? A New York Mother's Fight For Her Daughter.

 Do you have any information on genetics or cannabinoids that have helped with severe muscle spasms, neurological disorders, and or Stiff-Person Syndrome? 

The Shanley’s have asked us to request from our community any information or even medical doctors to be sent to them.

You may email Jennifer Shanely at [email protected].  

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