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Is it legal to grow cannabis in New York yet?

Is it legal to grow cannabis in New York yet?

Is it legal to grow in New York yet?

Patients in New York cannot legally grow, yet many are doing it anyway.

Where are we at on the regulations?

Here is where we are today…👇

New York Legal Grow Regulations, October of 2021, the New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) proposed regulations for medical patients and adults 21 and over to grow cannabis.

These regulations would have allowed certified patients to immediately begin cultivating cannabis, while adult consumers 21+ would be able to grow their own once legal retail sales began.

Unfortunately, the regulations proposed were not in the best interest of patients or caregivers. During the 60 day comment period on the proposed legislation, the public provided over 150 packets of feedback and comments highlighting areas of improvement.

This commentary period ended on January 18th, 2022, and since then, there have been no updates from the office of cannabis management.

What could be the holdup? Some possibilities include:

  1. Efforts on Social Equity have taken priority.
  2. The state has been focusing on retail/cultivation licenses.
  3. The state is struggling to review the comments and re-write the proposed regulations.

In the meantime, here are some of the consequences as a result of not having the home cultivation regulations set forth:

  • Thousands of patients lack affordable and local access to cannabis medicine.
  • Many patients may be forced back to dangerous but affordable opioids for pain due to the present economy.
  • The lack of clarity has left many thinking it is legal to grow.
  • People are exploiting the gray areas of the law by selling stickers and gifting cannabis.
  • The long wait and lack of access have forced many to break the law for their well-being.

It has been months since we’ve heard from the NY Office of Cannabis Management about home cultivation. The state is under enormous pressure to open retail and cultivation licensing ASAP! Unfortunately, without home cultivation regulations set in place, the promises of the MRTA legislation are blowing in the wind.

A possible answer?

Take a step back and finish what was started, bring on the rest of the advisory boards described in the MRTA, delegate the research, reach out to the advocates and professionals, and most importantly, communicate to the residents of New York. Until then, the people of NY continue to feel unheard and forgotten! These barriers will strengthen the Legacy market and force patients to choose their health over laws.

What are your thoughts?

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