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get your medical cannabis card

Compassionate Clinics of America – Medical Cannabis Cards Certifications

2101 Waukegan Rd, Suite #303, Bannockburn, Illinois, 60015

In collaboration with The Cannabis Community, Compassionate Clinics offers upfront pricing and renewal discounts on medical cannabis cards. Each state has unique laws and requirements. We’ll help you every step of the way!

A young woman smiles as she makes a telemedicine appointment for her medical cannabis card certification from Compassionate Clinics of America.

Welcome To Compassionate Clinics Of America

We make it easy to obtain a medical cannabis card online.
If you don’t qualify, you don’t pay – that’s our promise.


The 24 State shapes are shown that Compassionate Clinics of America provides medical cannabis certification.
Compassionate Clinics of America has proudly expanded to offer medical cannabis card certifications to residents of 24 states! Consultations are free. Click on your state above to learn more today.
Compassionate Clinics of America Team
You've come to the right place. We help patients navigate the process of getting a medical cannabis card.

Compassionate Clinics of America helps you navigate and simplify the process of getting a medical cannabis card certification in your state.

A smiling man holds a cannabis bud because he realizes there are advantages to getting a medical cannabis card certification in his state even though it's recreational legal.

There are still many reasons and advantages to getting your medical cannabis card certification, even if your state passed adult-use recreational cannabis laws.

A man holds a child who is a medical cannabis patient. Medical cannabis cards allow minors to be pediatric patients.

Most legislation is written to protect medical cannabis card holders in various ways. Employment, housing discrimination, and administering of medical cannabis in nursing care and schools are often some of the rights protected by a registered patient.

On the retail side, you’ll typically pay a lower tax rate, be allowed to purchase and possess larger quantities, and have access to dispensaries in locations that opted out of adult-use sales.

Many states are now allowing home cultivation exclusively to registered medical cannabis card holders! Caregiver options, state reciprocity, and pediatric use are just a few more of the many benefits.

What’s the difference between medical and recreational cannabis taxes?

A handshake is shown between The Cannabis Community and Compassionate Clinics of America.

The Cannabis Community has been working alongside Compassionate Clinics of America since 2017!

More reasons to choose Compassionate Clinics of America for your medical cannabis card certification needs! The Cannabis has teamed up with Compassionate Clinics of America to be the official medical cannabis card provider for the community.

See what our clients have to say!

Trust Pilot Reviews
"Easy like a wake n bake!
This is my second year using them and both times were fast and easy. Takes about 10 mins." Trustpilot review by Marissa Thompson
"Wish id have called sooner!!
So easy! Staff was SO helpful and knowledgeable!! They took all the time I needed to make sure i understood everything and laid out the whole process step by step. The doctor i spoke with was just as great! Thank you so much to all involved!!!" TrustPilot Review by Louis Dohogne III
"Everyone I spoke to was so kind and patient. They made my experience easy, and when I had issues understanding and completing the form before my appointment, they explained and helped to fix the issues quickly!
Great experience all around for the 2nd year in a row." Trust Pilot Review by Brayden Degre

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Google Reviews

18 reviews
  • allison kalfen
    allison kalfen
    7 months ago

    Just got my medical card today and can’t wait to start using it for my pain and anxiety. I honestly never take the time to write reviews but this place is beyond amazing. This is the only place I would get one from they are all so nice and helpful and make the process short and easy. I put off getting it for a long time because I thought it was going to take a while and require a ton more steps. Definitely go to them if your looking to get your medical card! Happy patient!

  • Phyllis Cali
    Phyllis Cali
    10 months ago

    Very compassionate and caring people. They made the process of getting your medical card so easy. You can not go wrong with compassionate clinics of America. Highly recommended.

  • Kelly Webb
    Kelly Webb
    2 years ago

    My dad has been battling cancer on and off for a few years now. We originally worked with another company that helped with the whole process of medical marijuana and became discouraged because all over money got taken and we never got anything back from the state. The state said the paperwork was never sent in. Someone recommended this company to me and they were beyond helpful. Once I told them that my dad's cancer was terminal they immediately had sympathy for a situation I was very impressed at how fast and diligently they worked to get my dad his medical marijuana card. Being stressed out from our situation I'm very thankful to them and the doctors for making this process as easy as possible to get my dad the medicine he needs to ease his suffering. Great communication and a caring and very helpful and responsible staff. Any and all questions I had were answered quickly. If you need assistance getting a medical marijuana card definitely work with this company. I can't thank them enough!

  • Rachel McHugh
    Rachel McHugh
    a year ago

    I've been putting off getting my medical card for awhile because I was anxious about the whole process but Compassionate Clinics of America and Dr. James Samuel made it so incredibly easy, I'm actually mad at myself for putting it off for so long because it was that quick and easy. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience, they literally take care of everything for you, you just have to provide your medical records etc. Dr. James was awesome and easy to get along with and made me feel super comfortable with the whole process. I actually would love to see him as my general physician from now on (lol). The next day, I emailed them because I needed a doctor's note for work and they sent it to me within like a half hour! I highly, highly recommend going through them if you are in need of a medical cannabis card!

  • Thomas Casper
    Thomas Casper
    a year ago

    My experience could not have been any better. What a compassionate and caring group of professionals. They guided my through the entire process, making it simple and painless. I think the best part of my experience was the CEO hand delivered my provisional letter to my home the very next morning because my printer was broken. Thank you so much Compassionate Clinics of America! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND COMPASSIONATE CLINICS OF AMERICA.