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Cannabis cultivation can be therapeutic.
Learn how to grow your own cannabis flowers.

Is it legal to grow in New York yet?

Is it legal to grow in New York yet? Patients in New York cannot legally grow, yet many are doing it anyway. Where are we at on the regulations? Here is where we are today… New York Legal Grow Regulations, October of 2021, the New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) proposed regulations for medical […]

What Patients Need to Start a Spring Medical Cannabis Grow

The first thing anyone should think about before growing is the legalities of the grow. Here in Illinois, any medical patient with a medical cannabis card can grow five plants over 5 inches. If you need help obtaining your medical card, our friends over at Compassionate Clinics of America can help you get your medical card with a 10-minute telemedicine visit. Although there is a list of conditions you need to have to get your card, back pain is something many of us have that often qualifies you for a card, in addition to many other qualifying conditions. 

IICGA Gears Up to Advocate for A New Strain of Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Host Mark Peysakhovich speaks with three newly awarded Illinois craft cannabis licensees.  These men are working together to reach other craft growers licensed in Illinois through a newly formed trade association, the Illinois Independent Craft Growers Association (IICGA). The goals of the IICGA include: Promoting inclusion of the independent craft growers in all opportunities available […]

Looking Beyond Organic Cannabis: The Rebel Spirit Way

What is organic cannabis and why should you be concerned? What exactly is sustainable farming?  Welcome to this new episode of The Cannabis Community Insider. Our host, Penelope Hamilton looks beyond organic cannabis cultivation with special guest Diane Downey. Diane is the CEO of Rebel Spirit Cannabis, one of Oregon’s most highly respected cannabis brands. […]

Precision Agriculture Meets Cannabis: A Data Driven View Into Ag-Intel

On this episode of The Cannabis Community Insider, host Penelope Hamilton welcomes Ag-Intel’s president, John Ziemanski. John shares how this incredibly highly personalized technology can help cannabis and hemp cultivators remotely track and manage just about any information down to a single plant out of thousands!

Where to Get Cannabis Seeds

This blog will help people explore various options and vendors with great seeds and solid genetics for the optimal home grow experience.

Growing Cannabis at Home: The Basics of Seed Germination

This blog will help people explore various options and vendors with great seeds and solid genetics for the optimal home grow experience.

Practical Lighting Advice for Getting Started with Indoor Growing

For those starting out, lighting is the most complicated, confusing, and most expensive (and therefore risky!) part of getting started growing their own medicine.

Why You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis

Learning the art and science of cannabis cultivation is the first step to building your cannabis sovereignty. Take control of your medicine, and learn to grow!

How to Grow Cannabis at Home: The Basics

There are two ways to start growing a cannabis plant. The obvious way is from seeds. Like any other seed, you plant it and allow it to germinate.

When The Family Farm Goes To Pot – In A Good Way!

The O’Hern family has been farming and raising cattle on their land in central Illinois for generations. Here’s why and how cannabis changed everything.