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Medical Patients Are Warming Up to Cannabis Concentrates

Medical Patients Are Warming Up to Cannabis Concentrates

The following content has been created in partnership and collaboration with Dip Devices

Across the entire world, people are changing the way they feel about cannabis. As consumers become more comfortable with the idea of cannabis, they are finding benefits in experimenting with different methods of consumption.

One of those methods involves cannabis concentrates, which have become a growing trend over the last few years within the recreational community. However, medical cannabis patients are also discovering the therapeutic potential of concentrates thanks to the availability of high-quality concentrates, as well as innovations in consumption hardware technology.

In the early days of concentrate vaporization, consumers required various tools like blowtorches, dab trays, utensils and rigs (glass bong-like devices), which many patients found frustrating and difficult to use. For some, it even carried the image and stigma of harder drug use, making it an undesirable method of consumption. Luckily, as technology evolved in the diverse world of concentrates, consumers now have various options that include both desktop vaporizers and handheld battery-operated vaporizers.

One company disrupting the game and raising the bar is Dip Devices, with its cutting-edge new handheld vaporizer called the EVRI. The versatile, innovative, and incredibly portable, multi-functional EVRI vaporizer not only offers the ultimate discretion and portability, but it also allows for easy switching between an ever-evolving line of accessories such as the 510/Pod Attachment and the Vapor Tip Attachment.

EVRI 3-in-1 handheld portable vaporizer

This guide will dive deeper into cannabis concentrates, their therapeutic benefits, and a few of the features offered by the EVRI Dip Device, to help readers conclude if cannabis concentrates are worth exploring further for convenient, on-the-go experiences.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are extracts derived from the cannabis plant that have been processed to only include the most desirable plant compounds, namely THC, CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, while leaving behind impurities and excess plant material.

The earliest form of concentrates made from the cannabis plant is hashish. This is created by mechanical manipulation of the trichomes found on the buds of the female cannabis flower.

As the name suggests, concentrates pack a bigger dose than regular dry flower. THC levels in concentrates generally range from 60 to 95 percent and can deliver relief more efficiently. In addition, the effects of concentrates are generally felt more rapidly and deliver a much better flavor experience without filling your lungs with smoke.

Today’s dispensaries offer a wide variety of concentrates—including wax, shatter, live resin, and solvent-free rosin—across a range of strains to allow concentrate consumers to curate the effects that they are looking for.

However, not all concentrates deliver psychoactive effects, as these are characteristics of more THC predominant concentrates. CBD dominant concentrates can provide similar relief without a strong sense of euphoria. Cannabis concentrates vary greatly in their flavors, textures, and cannabinoid/terpenoid profiles. This is why using a quality device with appropriate temperature settings is just as important as obtaining high quality concentrates. Failing to do so can be the difference between achieving an optimal experience and wasted concentrates due to subpar hardware.

Handheld Cannabis Concentrate Vaporizer Being Used by Woman

Handheld Cannabis Concentrate Vaporizers Offer All the Benefits & None of the Stigma

As cannabis concentrates have begun to rise in popularity, so have the devices used in their two most common forms of consumption: vaporization and dabbing. These methods entail conduction and convection heating methods to heat up a cannabis extract until it turns into a vapor, which the consumer then inhales.

The practice of dabbing generally entails a blowtorch and a ‘nail’. The nail is heated up and extracts are applied to it to turn them into vapor form. This approach to concentrates tends to scare people away from the practice completely, especially medical patients.


The use of a blowtorch can make a person feel as if they are engaging in the consumption of more nefarious narcotics. It also presents many fire and safety concerns for patients, and those who aren’t able to coordinate the use of all the tools required to consume concentrates. We’ve seen this problem way too often in our own communities where people express the benefit isn’t worth the hassle.

Dip Devices has taken these types of experiences into consideration when crafting their newest handheld portable vaporizer, the EVRI. Raising the bar and setting new standards in both design and function, the EVRI offers three temperature settings, a powerful battery, and two different attachments featuring three functionalities for a better flavor, higher potency, and a more practical, discreet consumption experience.

Nectar collector attachment of Dip Device EVRI Handheld portable vaporizer

People Love Consuming Cannabis Concentrates on the Go

As more people begin to adopt a mainstream method of incorporating cannabis concentrates into their daily routines, the need for an efficient, high-performing mobile device to vaporize concentrates is greater than ever. This makes mobility a paramount feature of a vaporizer, along with safety and discretion too.

Devices like the EVRI work to fill this gap by helping patients and consumers meet this pressing need in a discreet, handheld device. What’s cool about this device is that it heats up quickly and allows you to select between temperatures, allowing consumers to tailor their preferences over effects and taste.

Batteries have been an issue with previous concentrate devices due to the high heat activation required. With the EVRI device, members of the cannabis community have found the battery to last longer than others available. This brings solace to those who don’t want to worry about running out of power when they are on the go. With traditional methods of concentrate consumption, there were fire hazard and liability concerns because of the necessity to use hot torches and even hotter desktop rigs.

Keeping safety at the forefront of the mobile experience, we loved that the EVRI has an automatic power-off feature after a few minutes of non-use. This helps keep consumers safe and offers the additional benefit of saving battery power!

EVRI handheld vaporizer automatic safety shutoff feature

Consumers Aren’t Fans of Too Many Tools

At the heart of being human, the one thing we all crave is a sense of simplicity. With traditional concentrate setups, people typically need utensils: a rig, a tray, a torch, and a whole lot of butane. Pretty complex requirements to obtain a simple dose of medicine, right? These requirements can be especially difficult for the disabled. It’s no wonder that consumers stick with flower or edibles instead.

With the EVRI Dip Device, consumers are enjoying a handheld portable vaporizer that features a battery that magnetically connects to different attachments. These attachments include the Vapor Tip Attachment, which allows the consumption of concentrate directly from its container (much like a nectar collector), and the 510/Pod Attachment, which has one side that connects to 510 cartridges and one that connects to refillable e-juice pods, with many more attachments on the way.

Whether you’re working with a standard vape cartridge or seeking to try out the diverse world of dabs/concentrates, the multifunctional capability of EVRI enables you with one sleek, stylish, high-performing, and affordable device that makes the consumption of concentrates more desirable in its user-friendly attachments.

Various Dip Device Attachments Held

Is it the End of Rigs and Torches Among Cannabis Concentrate Consumers?

While the variety of dabs and cannabis concentrates might seem complex for new users, many quickly realize they are an ideal candidate for cannabis concentrate consumption.

While previous barriers around concentrate consumption centered around portability, safety, and complexity, technology is making it easier to justify putting away the torch. For some, the ritual of the tools could be what they still prefer, but for people in our medical communities, these types of options are an absolute must in order to continue changing the way people view and feel about cannabis.

What are your thoughts? Would you try concentrates with a device such as the EVRI?

For a limited time, you can enter for a chance to win one for free through their ongoing giveaway, or you can check out their store and take advantage of the 25%-Off sale they are having. 1% of their proceeds are donated to organizations on the frontlines fighting for drug reform!

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