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Does Smoking Marijuana Make Life Insurance More Expensive? (Newsletter: September 12, 2022)

Does Smoking Marijuana Make Life Insurance More Expensive? (Newsletter: September 12, 2022)

Thank you for tuning into the latest updates! In this week’s cannabis news roundup:


NFL Hall Of Famer Calvin Johnson Continues To Advocate For Cannabis
“We were advocates then but there’s rules and regulations you have to abide by. Now that we’re entrepreneurs and we can go out and start our own business, this is definitely a passion of ours. Not only do we use cannabis but we saw it for what it was, which is medicine and a natural way of healing other than what was proposed.”

California’s New Child Welfare Law Goes Into Force, Here’s What Cannabis-Using Parents Need To Know
““As is the case with alcohol and prescription medication, parents and guardians should be allowed to safely and legally use cannabis without fear of having their children permanently removed from their care, provided there are no other concerns regarding the child’s safety,” Jones-Sawyer added.”

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Collier get seal of disapproval from planning commission
“The future of medical marijuana dispensaries in Collier County continues to look bleak for residents looking to use their medical cards within their home county. Collier County Planning Commission voiced its disfavor Thursday for amending the land development code to allow these facilities.”

Air Force, Space Force Will Give Second Chance To Applicants Who Test Positive For THC
“Cannabis use may no longer disqualify prospective applicants from joining the U.S. Air Force or U.S. Space Force as long as they stop consuming it once in the service. Recruits who otherwise qualified to serve but tested positive for THC at Military Entrance Processing Stations might be granted a waiver, Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas, commander of Air Force Recruiting Service told Air Force Times.”

Is Weed Kosher?
“Certifying food as kosher goes so far as to examine the equipment used to prepare items all the way to inspecting for possible remnants that can be found in the food items themselves. With these strict guidelines, one has to wonder if marijuana is considered kosher.”

Americans Have Mixed Views on Marijuana, Casinos Do Not
“An August poll from Gallup found that 49% of US adults believe legal cannabis has a positive impact on society, while 50% say marijuana consumption is much more of a detriment. Thirty-eight states today permit the legal sale of cannabis, whether it be recreational, medicinal, or a combination of both.”

Does Smoking Marijuana Make Life Insurance More Expensive?
“While there is some evidence that marijuana has health benefits, at least when consumed in certain forms, this does not necessarily mean life insurance companies like it when applicants smoke it. In fact, marijuana use may adversely affect a person’s ability to get life insurance or may make premiums costlier.”

Healing with Pride: Former Marine in Tempe Creates CBD Cream to Help Veterans
“The extra-strength version of the CBD cream is targeted at people with chronic pain, cuts, scratches, headaches, and gout, St. Amand said. The business’s website makes it clear that the products aren’t “meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or maintain any ailments or diseases in accordance with FDA guidelines.” Customers, though, rave about how the creams help them.”

Selena Gomez uses gravity bong to make yogurt on HBO Max cooking show
“Instead, the burgeoning cook used the device to burn wood chips with a  tray cloche attachment to add smokiness and depth to the Greek yogurt.  Then, Kish had Gomez spread the yogurt over a flat plate in a thin layer to maximize the ingredient’s exposure to the smoke.”

Woman jailed for 3 months in US for smoking marijuana during pregnancy
“According to reports, since they are not considered serious offences, the young woman could have granted bail and faced the judicial process at liberty; However, acknowledging that she was discovered to be pregnant two days before her arrest, the day she smoked cannabis, Etawah County officials they denied him the possibility,”


“We have seen the capabilities of this medicine first hand, and know the real difference it can make in people’s lives. This is why it is our mission to inspire hope in others and contribute to the overall health of our community by providing the best care, service and education to every patient in a kind and compassionate manner. “

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Missouri Lawmakers Call for Governor to Include Cannabis Legalization in Legislature’s Upcoming Special Session
“”Rather than settle for an ill-suited and monopolistic program shoehorned into our [state] constitution, the Missouri General Assembly has a unique opportunity to consider legislation that would legalize cannabis in a truly free market fashion,” State Rep. Tony Lovasco, R-O’Fallon, said, according to the News Tribune.”


Illinois Social Equity Advocates, Business Leaders Call on State Officials to Allow Them to Begin Operations, Address Other Concerns in Market
“The $113.5 million in adult-use cannabis tax revenue reinvested into communities has been done through its Restore, Reinvest, and Renew (R3) Program. Grant funding from the program goes toward “communities that have been harmed by violence, excessive incarceration, and economic disinvestment,” according to the R3 site.”

Southern Illinois University Carbondale to Host Meeting to Examine Hemp’s Potential
“From 8 a.m to 1 p.m. CT Sept. 17, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU) is hosting its third Southern Illinois Hemp/Cannabis Symposium—sponsored by SIU’s Cannabis Science Center—which will feature several speakers from the industry, as well as vendors and industry related displays, according to an SIU press release.”


President Biden Discusses Marijuana With Senate Candidate Fetterman At Labor Day Meeting
“Fetterman Communications Director Joe Calvello said in a statement that, during their talks, Fetterman “continued to advocate for the President to use his executive authority to begin the process of rescheduling marijuana, so that people convicted of nonviolent offenses can go on with their lives.””

Criminalization Of Weed Is A ‘Waste’ Of Resources, Pennsylvania AG Says As Elections Approach
“”Continuing to criminalize adult personal marijuana use is a waste of limited law enforcement resources, taxpayer dollars, disproportionately impacts minority communities, and does not make our communities safer — which is why I support legalization under key conditions,” Shapiro told Broad and Liberty earlier this week when asked if he would support legislation to legalize recreational marijuana.”


New York Official Says Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Won’t Start Until ‘Middle of Next Year’
“During an event in Yonkers, one of New York’s top cannabis regulators said the state wouldn’t be accepting cannabis industry applications until next year, shifting the anticipated timeline from this fall. When asked by an audience member when businesses could start processing products for retailers, Office of Cannabis Management Executive Director Chris Alexander responded “the middle of next year.””


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority offering extensions due to outage
“If you have been trying to renew your medical marijuana license, you may have been having some trouble. Recently, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority announced that its licensing portal was experiencing technical issues. Thentia, the licensing software vendor, says that the problems that caused the outage have been fixed. However, it led to other issues related to license applications and submissions.”


Campaign Supporting Adult-Use Legalization Launches in Maryland
““We all need to vote YES to end the war on weed and bring new money for small businesses, education and public services. Maryland is home to three of the top ten counties across the US for the highest marijuana possession incarcerations. Maryland already has a highly successful medical cannabis industry – but not everyone can use this market right now. Now is the time to legalize cannabis for all adults.” — Yes on 4 campaign website.”

8 Things You Need to Know About Medical Cannabis in Maryland
“Qualifying patients can lawfully purchase cannabis grown from high-yield autoflower seeds at licensed stores. Obtaining the Maryland Medical Marijuana Commission (MMCC) card that permits you to use the plant involves a few simple steps.”

Curated by Roo Nieto.

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