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Hemp Reduces Stress In Cows, How Does That Help Farmers? (Newsletter: August 29, 2022)

Hemp Reduces Stress In Cows, How Does That Help Farmers? (Newsletter: August 29, 2022)

Thank you for tuning into the latest updates! In this week’s cannabis news roundup:


Statewide poll shows referendum on recreational marijuana legalization in S.D. could fail in November
“IM 27 would pass with a simple majority of votes. The measure would legalize possession, use, and distribution of marijuana by anyone at least 21 years of age in South Dakota. Adults could possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to three cannabis plants; home-grow would be allowed only in locations where retail recreational marijuana is not available.”

Birds And The Bees And More Cannabis Sativa Please: Can Hemp Stem Bee-Colony Disappearance?
“”The absence of bees and other pollinators would wipe out coffee, apples, almonds, tomatoes and cocoa to name just a few of the crops that rely on pollination,” said José Graziano da Silva, FAO’s director general. “Countries need to shift to more pollinator-friendly and sustainable food policies and systems.””

Hemp Reduces Stress in Cows. How Does That Help Farmers?
“A US Department of Agriculture-funded study of hemp-based cattle feed, which has been underway since 2020, has begun to deliver intriguing results. Cows can completely digest all parts of the hemp plant, including stems, stalks, and other “waste” parts not used for other purposes.”

Cannabis Can Now Be Certified As ‘Regenerative Agriculture’: What That Means For the Industry
“Unlike organic farming, regenerative agriculture is defined by the creation of beneficial ecological outcomes in the soil and the environment. Although there is no universally accepted definition of organic farming, often the term refers to regulations and protocols set by governments and institutions to avoid the use of synthetic and harmful additives.”

U.S. Forest Service Reminds Workers Of Federal Marijuana Ban And Warns Against CBD Use
““Cannabidiol is an active ingredient in cannabis and is not regulated,” it said. “It can be inaccurately labeled as having no to low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol, and yet actually contain high levels. If you use CBD, you could test positive for illegal drug use.””

Genius! NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas Plans to Make Cars Out of Weed
“Isiah Thomas, is out to play a leading role in the cannabis industry, the same way he dominated the courts. The entrepreneur and NBA Hall Of Famer hopes to accomplish this new dream by helping make new car designs whose interiors will be made of hemp (marijuana/weed).”

Amazon Rejected Your Job Application Due To Weed Use? Worry Not, You May Be Eligible Now
“Amazon disclosed last September that its earlier decision to end drug testing for cannabis will be retroactive, meaning former workers and applicants who were punished or rejected for testing positive for THC will have their employment eligibility restored.”


“We have seen the capabilities of this medicine first hand, and know the real difference it can make in people’s lives. This is why it is our mission to inspire hope in others and contribute to the overall health of our community by providing the best care, service and education to every patient in a kind and compassionate manner. “

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Will recreational marijuana impact auto insurance rates in Missouri?
“We’ve done the studies since 2014. And the results have been consistent. We see about a five or 6% increase in crash rates in the states that have legalized recreational use. So we started studying the first states that legalized recreational use. We looked at the most recent study. We looked at California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. And we’ve seen an increase in both injury crashes and insurance claims from crashes,” commented Russ Rader” 


Will social equity in Illinois live up to the hype?
“We had to bootstrap everything. We didn’t have the money to just hang around for two years to figure it out,” continued Parnell. Fortunately, his team found a real estate company willing to accept a piece of their future business in exchange for cultivation space. But not every applicant was so lucky.”


Pennsylvania Department Of Health Withdraws Its Appeal To Recall Certain Vaporized Medical Marijuana Products
“Some of the companies hit by the ban, with a coalition of patients, caregivers and doctors formed a group called Medical Marijuana Access & Patient Safety Inc. (MMAPS) and filed a complaint against DOH over its unsupported recall of certain vaporized medical marijuana products because patients rely on the recalled products to relieve symptoms of serious medical conditions.”

Spotlight PA wins court battle over access to state medical marijuana data
““This ruling is an important step toward public access to aggregate data that will help Pennsylvanians better understand how the state’s medical marijuana program is operating,” Paula Knudsen Burke”


The Big Apple’s New Initiative To Equitably Grow NYC’s Cannabis Industry
““We light up our economy and launch Cannabis NYC — a first-of-its-kind initiative to support equitable growth of the cannabis industry in New York City,” said Adams. “The regulated adult-use cannabis industry is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our underserved communities that have, for too long, faced disproportionate rates of drug-related incarceration to get in on the industry on the ground floor.””

Mayor Adams lays out first steps to support NYC’s recreational pot industry
“New York state has established nine distinct application categories, including retail dispensary, cultivation, processing, and on-site consumption. The state Office of Cannabis Management will begin accepting retail license applications this Thursday, August 25th. State officials have said recreational marijuana sales could begin as early as this year.”

Cannabis Conviction Expungement Clinics Coming to Buffalo, New York
“When New York state lawmakers passed legislation to legalize recreational cannabis last year, they included provisions that allow those with past convictions for some weed-related offenses to have their records cleared. Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said in a statement on Thursday that expungement can help address the harms caused by the failed War on Drugs.”

Here’s How Many Marijuana Shops New York Plans To Approve In Each Region Of The State In The First Licensing Round
“With New York regulators set to begin accepting applications for the first round of adult-use marijuana retailer licenses for justice-involved people on Thursday, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has released a regional breakdown showing how those initial dispensary approvals will be distributed in regions across the state.”

New York’s Medical Cannabis Companies Seek A Less Pricey Route To Go Recreational
“Operators are now urging regulators to lessen the fee to approximately $3 million per company, and allow them to pay it over time rather than up front. The fee would need to be approved by the state Cannabis Control Board.”


Oklahoma Cannabis Legalization Question May Miss Ballot Due to Signature Counting Delays
“Oklahoma voters may not have their chance to vote on adult-use cannabis legalization in November, despite meeting the signature threshold, because the state’s new private vendor used to verify and count signatures took too long to process the petition, KFOR reports. The Vote Yes on 802 Campaign had submitted 20,000 more signatures than the statute requires.”

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