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Inside the Illinois 2022 Legislative Session with State Rep. Sonya Harper

Inside the Illinois 2022 Legislative Session with State Rep. Sonya Harper

First appointed to the Illinois House of Representatives in 2015, State Rep. Sonya Harper’s star has risen
rapidly and prominently in Springfield. And it’s likely to continue the same trajectory for some time.
With a background in media and communications and a reputation as a dedicated activist and
community leader as well as a savvy entrepreneur, she has earned strong support from her constituents
and colleagues.

Her expertise in urban agriculture and access to healthy foods has propelled her into the
Chairmanship of the influential House Agriculture Committee. And her focus on issues of food insecurity,
education, and equity raised her profile among her peers, who elected her as Joint Chair of Illinois’
Legislative Black Caucus. Rep. Harper has previously introduced legislation related to cannabis-based
hospitality and tourism as well as home delivery, and she will continue to play a leading role in shaping
cannabis policy in the coming years.

Mark Peysakhovich recently checked in with her to see what we can expect on the cannabis legislative front in the state legislative session starting at the beginning of January.

Illinois State Representative Sonya Harper: Inside The 2022 Legislative Session

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