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Massachusetts Governor Signs Cannabis Social Equity Bill (Newsletter: August 15, 2022)

Massachusetts Governor Signs Cannabis Social Equity Bill (Newsletter: August 15, 2022)

Thank you for tuning into the latest updates! In this week’s news roundup:


Massachusetts Governor Signs Cannabis Social Equity Bill
“Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed legislation on Thursday to amend the state’s marijuana laws, approving the addition of social equity provisions and other changes to cannabis regulations in the Bay State. Baker approved all but one of the provisions of the bill, which is the first overhaul of the state’s cannabis regulations since voters approved recreational pot use in 2016.”

Arkansas Supreme Court Conditionally Allows Cannabis Legalization Question on Ballots
“In rejecting the popular name and ballot title – which blocked the question from ballots despite the initiative garnering more than 100,000 signatures than was required – the commissioners said they didn’t think the title fully explained the proposed constitutional amendment, claiming that the measure would repeal the state’s current THC limit on medical cannabis products.”

Majority of RI cities and towns will vote on recreational marijuana sales
“In May, Rhode Island became the 19th state to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana, with sales starting Dec. 1. The state plans to license 24 new retail shops in six zones around the state, a process expected to take up to two years to complete. But the legislation allows Rhode Island’s municipalities to hold a referendum asking voters if they want to opt out of offering licenses to sell recreational marijuana.”

Interstate Cannabis Agreements in California
“The interstate agreement between the states would require that the contracting state agree that its cannabis licensees be bound by California’s requirements around public health and safety, track and trace, testing, inspection, packaging and labeling, and adulterated and misbranded cannabis. The contracting state must also impose “restrictions upon advertising, marketing, labeling, or sale within the contracting state that meet or exceed the restrictions” in California for the same. And all California taxes apply, too. See here for more on California’s recent cannabis tax reform.”

Massachusetts Gov. Signs Marijuana Compromise Bill, But Strikes This Controversial Section
“The Republican cover only removed one controversial section from the bill – the proposal to conduct a study on medical marijuana use in students during school days reported State House News. The American Academy of Pediatrics had already expressed its opposition to the proposed study on medical marijuana consumption in schools.”


“We have seen the capabilities of this medicine first hand and know the real difference it can make in people’s lives. This is why it is our mission to inspire hope in others and contribute to the overall health of our community by providing the best care, service, and education to every patient in a kind and compassionate manner. “

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Recreational marijuana advocate, dispensary manager prepare for November vote in Missouri
“The data that we have from very recent independent polling is that 62% of Missouri voters approve it,” Viets said. “We’re not taking anything for granted, but the data we have certainly indicated we have a good chance of passage.”


Update on Illinois Cannabis Social Equity Program
“Many of the dispensary licenses and about half of the 341 total adult use licenses have been distributed to majority Black-or-Latino owned companies. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation reported that it is possible for further litigation to jeopardize the 185 licenses again depending upon those social equity applicants that applied for a license but did not receive one. The Department recently released a checklist of next steps for the conditional licenses winners that will help them transition into an Adult Use Licensee.”


Federal law makes recreational marijuana a complicated ask in Pennsylvania
“The Pennsylvania General Assembly has spent a lot of time in committee meetings discussing whether to legalize recreational marijuana, but federal holdups may matter more than state-level action.”


Open Application Date Announced for New York Cannabis Dispensary Licenses
“Today’s announcement brings us to the precipice of legal, licensed cannabis sales in New York State,” said Tremaine Wright, Chair of the Cannabis Control Board. “With the Seeding Opportunity Initiative, New York has affirmed our commitment to making sure the first sales are conducted by those harmed by prohibition. We’re writing a new playbook for what an equitable launch of a cannabis industry looks like, and hope future states follow our lead.”

How can recreational states like New York effectively deter cannabis-impaired driving?
“As legalized marijuana use becomes increasingly prevalent across the country, recreational states like New York must do a better job to discourage cannabis-impaired driving, according to a leading traffic safety organization.”

Oklahoma Cannabis News

State Contractor Verifying Petitions for Recreational Marijuana Initiative
“Our team is watching the count just like we would if state employees were doing the count instead of a vendor,” Tilley said. “And just like in that case, there will be a chance for us to raise any issues after the count is done. In the meantime, we thank everyone involved in the important work of making sure the voices of everyday Oklahomans are heard through the initiative process.”


Maryland Officials Certify Final Text Of Marijuana Legalization Ballot Question And Provide Summary Ahead Of November Vote
“While the question itself is fairly straightforward, the legislature’s non-partisan Department of Legislative Services also recently published a summary of each of the questions that will appear on the ballot, including the cannabis measure. It gives context to the proposed reform and describes its relationship to the separate implementation legislation.”

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