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New York Cannabis: Expungements Explained, how the new law affects you.

New York Cannabis: Expungements Explained, how the new law affects you.

The Cannabis Community Insider - New York Expungement Explained With Joseph DeMatteo, Esq

In this episode of The Cannabis Community Insider, hosts Abraham Villegas and Penelope Hamilton take you to New York to hear from their very special guest, Joseph DeMatteo, Esq. of Bernfeld, DeMatteo, and Bernfeld, to learn about the recent cannabis legalization expungement provisions.

Joseph began practicing law in New York 35 years ago as a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted a variety of cases, including cannabis. After leaving in 1997 he chose to become a criminal defense attorney.

 “I regret ever prosecuting a cannabis case and believe that our entire war on drugs was an insanely costly mistake.  My focus now is on helping people with prior criminal justice involvement overcome barriers to employment and licensing”, says Joseph.

You can reach Joseph DeMatteo at [email protected]

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