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Read the Launch Issue of CannaCurious Magazine!

Read the Launch Issue of CannaCurious Magazine!

This is the official launch issue of CannaCurious magazine, and we couldn’t be more excited!

In this issue, we’ve honed in on the power of CBD. We’ve laid all the facts on the table. We’re debunking common myths (CBD does not make you high!). And, we’re sharing how women can use CBD to enhance multiple areas of their lives.

We are thrilled to add a woman’s voice to the largely male-dominated conversation around cannabis.

We are proud to be a space of absolute inclusivity, highlighting women’s voices, regardless of race, sexual orientation, class, political beliefs, or religion.

We are honored to contribute to the normalization of a subject matter that has been taboo for women for far too long. After all, cannabis continues to change the lives of many around the world.

For some, cannabis has helped induce body-shaking orgasms. For others, it has become a go-to for the battle against cancer. It has stopped anxiety in its tracks. It has kicked debilitating pain in the butt. The stories are endless, and you’ll get an opportunity to read some here.

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