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Robust Certification Programs Offers Cannabis Training for Everyone

Robust Certification Programs Offers Cannabis Training for Everyone

Cannabis Training & Fundamentals Certification

The cannabis market is currently one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the United States. If you’re looking to become involved, either as an entrepreneur, a health practitioner, an investor, or in any other capacity, education is pivotal for success. While there are several different training and educational options for cannabis education, not all certifications hold equal weight. Green Flower Media is the world’s largest platform for trusted cannabis education, information and guidance.1 With new studies and rapid policy changes in the cannabis space, education is the cornerstone for success in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

The Need for Cannabis Training & Education Goes Beyond the Patient

In an interview with the CEO of GFM, Max Simon, he stated the need for cannabis education on a multidimensional level.  “Doctors can’t tell you how it works for different ailments and conditions; consumers don’t really understand all these new delivery methods; and people are really confused by how do they interact with the plant in the way that provides the value to their life that they are seeking.” ~ Green Flower Media CEO, Max Simon.1 The need for comprehensive cannabis education applies to all players in the industry, not just patients or physicians, but entrepreneurs, employees in the cannabis sector, and the community at large.

Start With the Fundamentals: GFM’s Fundamentals Certification Opens Soon!

To help those who are interested, we are now offering a Fundamentals Certification, which covers the necessary topics to promote a lasting and successful career in cannabis. Topics include:



Cannabinoids 101

Terpenes 101

ECS (The Endocannabinoid System) 101

Delivery Methods and Products


Quality Control and Assurance

Myths about Cannabis

Careers in Cannabis

No matter your involvement, these topics will prove helpful in furthering your venture into this growing industry. Enrollment for GFM’s fundamentals course is open now with limited slots before version 2 of this class launches in February of this year. Below, we review the benefits of this course from unique perspectives.

Investor / CEO

The cannabis industry, though lucrative, can prove burdened by complications of execution and concerns of legality. This course will provide the necessary information to better understand the cannabis industry and recognize potential gaps or holes in the market. As the constraints of the industry are constantly changing, staying up to date can make all the difference in seizing opportunities, providing more value to your investment or the companies in your portfolio. The course will also validate what you do and do not know, strengthening your foundation in the industry and legitimizing your experience.

Entrepreneur Looking to Enter the Market

If you’re interested in starting a business, this course can help you integrate your current background and experience into the cannabis industry. You will feel confident that you have the proper knowledge necessary to succeed in your business, and you’ll be prepared to stave off the questions and concerns of friends, family, and colleagues. Green Flower Media offers a certification in cannabis business that teaches the ins and outs of the cannabis industry for aspiring individuals looking to make a career out of this explosive new industry.

Service Provider / Consultant

Without the know-how of the industry, you might not feel confident taking on new clients, or even entering the industry at all. This course will prepare you to be recognized as a leading expert, as you’ll be trained from a reliable, experienced source. The benefits of the increased confidence that comes with actually understanding these topics will result in increased credibility and the ability to serve your clients more effectively.


Even if you’re not in a position of owning your own company, you may be involved via employment. By understanding the different jobs and positions available, or those that will become available as the industry expands, you can position yourself to further your career in the industry. Get the knowledge you need to serve your customers and patients in the most effective and beneficial way.

Cultivators & Growers

High quality cannabis isn’t quite as easy to grow as other botanicals. There is a significant degree of knowledge required for cultivators and growers, and it can be daunting to entre that sphere without being armed with the proper technique and facts to make it happen. Luckily, GFM’s new cultivation course has this area covered too with a dynamic and intensive new course that teaches growing, harvesting and processing techniques to prepare better prepare you to grow.

Patient / Advocate

Even if you’re not directly involved in the industry, this course can help combat the misinformation that’s prevalent in the world today. With an increased understanding, you can become a knowledgeable and confident advocate for cannabis, recognizing how it can improve your life and benefit others. GFM Academy offers courses for both physicians (patient care; teaches safe and effective cannabis support), as well as a medical certification that provides comprehensive education about cannabinoid science; both are equally helpful for the growing number of cannabis friendly physicians and other healthcare workers in today’s world.

Medical Practitioner

Most medical practitioners did not receive any scientific information regarding cannabis and its role in medicine. Indeed, a recent survey by Dr. David Allen (17-year veteran heart surgeon who left his practice to study cannabis full time) demonstrated in a quick study that only 13% of all 157 accredited med schools even mention the endocannabinoid system.2 But with the increased availability of cannabis, patients are becoming curious, wanting to know if it is a potential option. Indeed, with the vast “clinical gap” in cannabis medicine, such certifications could prove priceless in closing that divide.

GFM’s patient care certification, as mentioned earlier, can help you respond to patients effectively, offering them quality guidance. If you’re already involved with cannabis, the information provided in this course will help you to become an authority on cannabis for health, further helping others receive the benefits of cannabis.


As a student, you might be interested in entering this new and growing field, but lack the means of entering the industry. If you want to learn about the opportunities in cannabis, how to land a high-paying job, what it takes to be a cannabis expert, or just gain the knowledge to educate others about its benefits, GFM Academy’s course in cannabis business can help prepare you for a career in this industry.

Cannabis Educator

The industry needs people who can further educate all those involved or interested. The information covered in our certification will help you stay current on your cannabis knowledge, allowing you to be confident when helping others and responding to questions. It will also bestow another level of credibility to help boost your clientele.  


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